Vinewood Short-Term Missions Guide & Application

Hi, if you're interested in participating in a short-term missions project, as a member of our church, please read the below guideline that informs you about our short-term missions support policies. Should you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

The following are relevant short-term missionary guidelines copied from the CFC Berkeley Misson policy verbatim. Please refer to the full document if you would to have more context, available upon request.

Short-Term Missions Trips
The Missions Executive Committee shall promote participation in short-term missions trips, both those organized by CFC/Vinewood and those organized by approved outside missions agencies. The purpose of participation in short-term missions trips is to contribute to the work of world wide disciple making while at the same time gaining valuable first-hand missions experience and develop a vision for the whole world. Participants in short-term missions programs are expected to share their experiences with the church upon their return.

Support for Short-Term Missionaries:
1. Qualifications for Short-term missionaries
Be a member of CFC Berkeley Church and consider CFC Berkeley Church to be his or her primary church during the previous 12 months at time of application.

Be in agreement with the Statement of Faith of CFC Berkeley Church.

Have the recommendations from a pastor and from a deacon, Sunday School teacher or fellowship counselor at CFC Berkeley/Vinewood Church.

Have church ministry and teamwork experience.

Have shown desire and ability to lead others to Christ.

Have shown evidence of faithfulness in ministry, cooperative spirit, submission to authority, and fruit of the Spirit.

Support for Short-Term Missions Trips
Those taking part in church approved short-term mission trips, are encouraged to be responsible for all or part of their expenses, in order to experience and share their testimony about God's provision. Expenses of short term missionaries who meet the qualifications in section A.1 and who apply for financial assistance will be considered on a case by case basis.

Short-Term Missions Support Application CFC Berkeley/Vinewood Church

1. Personal Information

Name ________________________________________________ Gender: M F

Address ___________________________________________________________

Permanent Address (if different) ________________________________________

Home phone ______________________ Work phone _____________________

Birth date ______________ email __________________________________

Marital status: single engaged married divorced remarried widowed

List schools attended (post-high school), including dates attended, course of study, and diploma or degree received:

If you are currently working, please list your employer and dates of employment:

2. Christian Experience and Service

- Please attach a statement describing how you came to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

- Please attach a statement describing how God has called you to mission work.

How long have you been attending CFC/Vinewood? _______

Do you attend a CFC/Vinewood fellowship? ______ If so, which one?


Please describe significant ministry experience, beginning with the most recent:

What do you feel are your spiritual gifts? What is your basis for this statement?

3. Intended Ministry

Missions Organization
Give the full name and address of the missions organization under which you expect to serve:

Name _____________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________

Phone _______________ Web site ____________________________________

Missions ministry
Describe the area and people to whom you will minister

Dates of missions trip _______________________

Geographical Area ____________________________________________________

Target people ________________________________________________________

Type of ministry:

4. Financial Information

What is your current support situation?
• target figure:

• current promised from other sources:

• amount still needed:

- What are your prospects for meeting this need (besides CFC/Vinewood)?

- What amount are you requesting from CFC/Vinewood?