If it is not specified, all contributions will be designated to the General Fund. You may designate to specific usage as follows:


  • General Fund

    This fund supports the general CFCB ministry. The fund is guided by the Pastor-Deacon board. 
    一般基金: 支持教會常費及一般用途。
    If the donation is for CFCNEC General Fund, please specify "for CFCNEC" on your check or email. 

  • Missions Fund

    This fund provides financial assistance to CFCB mission programs. The goal is to support mission’s organizations, missionaries, missions, mission preparations, mission education, and local ministry including Student Center Fund. The Missions fund is guided by the CFCB Missions committee and CFCB Missions Policy.
    差傳基金: 支持教會差傳事工。 

  • Building Fund

    This fund supports CFCB building expenses including maintenance, retrofit, upgrade, purchase of new buildings. The fund is guided by the Pastor-Deacon board.
    建堂基金: 支持教堂維修,改建, 購買新堂。 

  • Dorcas Fund

    This fund is used to exercise the teaching of the Bible to care and to help brothers and sisters’ emergency financial needs through actual financial help (Acts 9:36). The fund is guided by the CFCB Dorcas committee and CFCB Dorcas Policy.
    多加基金: 支持教會會友緊急需要。 

  • Student Center Fund

    This fund is for CFCB to establish a Student Center near UC Berkeley campus in Berkeley, CA for students and scholar ministries. The fund is guided by the Pastor-Deacon board and the Student Center Fund Guideline.
    學生中心基金: 支持成立柏克萊學生中心。 

  • Seminary Fund

This fund supports and equips the next generation of God’s faithful servants in their education, internship and ministry programs which include the qualified seminary school tuition, books and other school related expenses; internship pay and ministry scholarship.

神學教育基金: 支持並裝備本會會友神學訓練